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  • GEMBA C-Suite TALK Series-Global Media Enterprises and the Chinese Media Consumer-Closed

    24 September 2016

    On 24 Sept. GEMBA held another in the C-Suite Talk Series – Global Media Enterprises and the Chinese Media Consumer. Our featured speakers brought their strong backgrounds in media and entertainment industries, and their current perspectives on strategy, to share with the audience.

  • GEMBA Class XIII Reach Another Milestone

    11 – 15 August 2016

    Several weeks ago, GEMBA XIII completed their second module at USC in Los Angeles. Last week, theyreturned to Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s main campus for their 3rd GEMBA module, led by Professors Dawn Porter and Mark DeFond, continuing their substantial review of accounting, statistics and use of data to drive business decisions.

  • GEMBA XIII Los Angeles Session

    June 2016

    The USC-SJTU Global EMBA Program in Shanghai (GEMBA) Class XIII just finished their second module, in Los Angeles. Students flew to L.A. from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and elsewhere for the eight-day study session, featuring the beautiful USC campus and California sunshine.

  • 130 GEMBAs Gather for Our 2016 Spring Celebration

    7 May 2016

    On 7 May 2016, at the Longemont Hotel in Shanghai, we celebrated the graduation of GEMBA XI, the matriculation of GEMBA XIII, and GEMBA XII having past the halfway point in theirstudies.

  • Orientation for Newest GEMBA Class – Class XIII – Beginning their Transformative Journey

    16 April 2016

    On 16 April 2016, the USC-SJTU Global EMBA (GEMBA) welcomed our new class, GEMBA Class XIII, at the Longemont Hotel, Shanghai. The Orientation is a launching pad for our new students as they begin their 20-month GEMBA journey. While the journey is challenging and time-intensive, it fosters boundless opportunities and new paths toward success.

  • Entrepreneurship, China and The Global Executive MBA in Shanghai

    27 Feburary 2016

    Everyone is talking about entrepreneurship these days. It seems easy to start an entrepreneurial journey in China, but it is not so easy to be successful. On Saturday, 27 Feb. 2016, Mr. Guofu Chen, alumnus of GEMBA Class II and a highly successful entrepreneur himself, shared his valuable experience and perspective with a GEMBA alumni and friends, Centre De Vin in Hong Kong.

  • The Capstone of GEMBA—Last Module & Commencement in Los Angeles

    January 2016

    Our USC-SJTU Global EMBA Class XI students had their final class session, Themes 9 & 10, the Global Leader of the Future, and commencement, at USC’s home campus in Los Angeles.

  • 16 Jan. GEMBA Connect Review - The Automotive Aftermarket Sector

    16 January 2016

    veral of our GEMBAs (Huifang Mao Schulenburg, Simon Wang, Nora Fu and Sophie Ye) organized a GEMBA Connect event on 16 Jan. 2016, focused on the auto industry. Huifang and Simon have deep experience in the auto sector, and our GEMBAs also invited expert guest panelists.

  • Thanks for Coming to GEMBA 2016 New Year Dinner on 7 Jan.

    7 January 2016

    On 7 January 2016, we had a great New Year’s celebration with our GEMBA family – about 80 GEMBAs and friends gathered at the stylish French restaurant Cuivre, and many won lucky draw prizes.

  • GEMBA Connect and USC Alumni Luncheon, 25 Nov.

    25 November 2015

    We invited Mr. Yu Chien (Y.C.) Chen, Senior Logistics Director, Nike China,from GEMBA I as our guest speaker for the co-hosted GEMBA Connect and USC Business luncheon on 25 November.