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[Alumni Spotlight] GEMBA VIII Rebecca Branham on That's Shanghai

September 2015

By That's Shanghai
Rebecca Liyan Branham, Class VIII
Co-founder and Managing Director
B&L Group, Inc
What was it about this program that interested you most at first?
I had long wanted to study overseas, but as a native of China with a China-focused career, it seemed hard to do so. When I learned that the GEMBA program brings to Shanghai all the faculty from the top-ranked USC EMBA program, leading students through systematic and comprehensive modules, I was thrilled, because I realized that I could gain the type of educational experience I wanted without giving up my career here. 
Now that you’ve been a graduate for three years, how do you evaluate the ROI of the GEMBA investment?
GEMBA fulfilled my dream. I gained not only academic knowledge, but also valuable perspectives from my classmates and the wider alumni network. I am more confident in developing our business in a sustainable, strategic manner.And I’ve even gained enough courage to start a new business.
What’s your experience of being an alumna of the GEMBA program?
Even after graduation, our professors have remained treasured friends and mentors.And the USC network throughout East Asia has proven really helpful and valuable – lots of diversity and expertise.
What kind of alumni events do you usually have?
We have lots – cozy gatherings with business-oriented speakers, family outings, year-end parties. We also visit the current class sessions and join those new GEMBAs afterwards for light conversation, adding to our network. 
You were later elected President of the USC Alumni Club of Shanghai. Tell us about the Club.
I am honored to have the opportunity to help with the development of USC Alumni Club of Shanghai. Our activities are too numerous to list, but one thing I’m particularly proud of is our CSR committee, which gives our alums the opportunity to support our community. Our goal is to provide a platform for our alumni to become truly global citizens.
About the GEMBA Program

The Credibility You Seek, The Transformation You Need – the Global Executive MBA in Shanghai (GEMBA) is an innovative EMBA program offered by USC in partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University, featuring the same faculty and curriculum as Marshall's top 10 ranked EMBA program in L. A. Courses are primarily taken in Shanghai, China with ExPort trip in South East Asia.