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130 GEMBAs Gather for Our 2016 Spring Celebration

7 May 2016

On 7 May 2016, at the Longemont Hotel in Shanghai, we celebrated the graduation of GEMBA XI, the matriculation of GEMBA XIII, and GEMBA XII having past the halfway point in theirstudies.
Our celebration began with a joint class seminar, China’s Disruptors: How Chinese Entrepreneurial Companies are Changing the Rules of Business, welcoming three speakers, Dr. Edward Tse, Ms. Fareeda Cassumbhoy and Mr. Jason Lo.
Dr. Tse is Founder & CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company. He shared his experience and perspective on strategy, especially disruptive strategy, and how such strategy is affecting business in China today.
Ms. Fareeda Cassumbhoy is Chief Strategy Officer of Hylink Digital Solution Co. Ltd., and now president of GEMBA XIII. She shared her experience and perspective on the development, often disruptive, of her own company as well as their clients.
Mr. Jason Lo is Chief Strategy Officer, Honeywell China – he shared his thoughts on how MNCs balance the parameters of a large organization with the imperative to be nimble and drive change.
Afterwards, we held a cocktail reception followed by a banquet. We welcomed the greetings of Prof. Suh-Pyng Ku, Vice Dean for Graduate Programs, USC Marshall, as well as those of Prof. Tang Ningyu, (Associate Dean, Antai College of Economics and Management, SJTU) and the celebratory remarks of our G-XI, XII and XIII representatives:
‐     Mr. Matt Wakeling (Phobio, Inc. Chief Operating Officer / CoFounder)
‐     Mr. Marcos Purty (General Motors Thailand, Managing Director)
‐     Mr.  Eric Monzon (Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) Ltd., General Manager)
We look forward to ournext GEMBA gathering!
Speaker Dr. Edward Tse
Speaker (GEMBA XIII) Ms. Fareeda Cassumbhoy
Speaker Mr. Jason Lo
GEMBA Students and Alumni listening to speakers’ sharing
GEMBA 2016 Spring Celebration Dinner
Greeting from Associate Dean, Antai College of Economics and Management, Ms. Tang Ningyu
Greeting from Prof. Suh-Pyng Ku (Vice Dean for Graduate Programs, USC Marshall)
Group Photo