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GEMBA Class XIII Reach Another Milestone

11 – 15 August 2016

Several weeks ago, GEMBA XIII completed their second module at USC in Los Angeles. Last week, theyreturned to Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s main campus for their 3rd GEMBA module, led by Professors Dawn Porter and Mark DeFond, continuing their substantial review of accounting, statistics and use of data to drive business decisions.


Voices of students on the effects and implications of the topics in real-world settings from this module.

Student panelists comment on the real-world importance and relevance of the module:

Eric Stanley Monzon
General Manager
Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) Ltd.
From Philippines, based in Suzhou, China

"In the medical Industry, patient safety is directly linked to the quality and reliability of our products. But quality costs money. To optimize quality and cost, the best (and probably only) analytical answer is using statistical processes to understand and control defects."

Chengwei Ji
Project Director
Spaceframe Construction & Engineering
From mainland China, based in Shanghai

"My company builds large-scale metal structures. Historically, we estimated the amount of protective paint to purchase based on designed paint thickness (DPT) plus experience methodology. By using historically similar projects and their recorded DPT data, we can achieve a 95% confidence interval of the actual amount of paint required, and withhypothesis testing to further understand the DPT data, thus we have beenable to predict the total amount of paint required with more accuracy, so that we save a lot."


Philip Lin

Director of Sales and Operation / Co-Founder

Aquawema International Co., Ltd

From Taiwan, based in Taipei

"Big data is a top business priority today and drives enormous opportunity for business improvement. If you want to understand a data set, you have to be able to explore it – to manipulate it. With what I’ve learned about statistical computing and quantitative management in this GEMBA module, I’ve improved my strategic thinking and decision-making power."


From left to right: Professor Mark Defond, Chengwei Ji,  Eric Stanley Monzon, Philip Lin and Professor Dawn Porter


Every year, Prof. Defond finds similarities between our class members/faculty and some famous people – here are a few of this year’s pairings:
Michael Fan + Bruno Mars
Eric Tan + Chow Yun Fat
Prof. Baizhu Chen + Tony Leung
Prof Dawn Porter + Melissa Ethridge

“GEMBA XIII – A star-studded group” – by Prof. Mark Defond


The GEMBA XIII class celebrated the close of the five-day module with ‘A Dinner in White’ (‘Le Diner en Blanc’) at a stylish Bund restaurant.

About the GEMBA Program
The Credibility You Seek, The Transformation You Need – the Global Executive MBA in Shanghai (GEMBA) is an innovative EMBA program offered by USC in partnership with Shanghai Jiaotong University, featuring the same faculty and curriculum as Marshall's top 10 ranked EMBA program in L. A. Courses are primarily taken in Shanghai, China with ExPort trip in South East Asia.