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Theme-based, Integrated Curriculum

Developing Global Business Leaders

Real-world business challenges and opportunities aren’t confined to any one part of a company’s organization chart (such as finance,or marketing, or supply chain). The challenges and opportunities you face are deeply connected to most, if not all, of the functions of the organization. To succeed as a leader, you need to think in a flexible, integrated manner as you work across disciplines.
Because a traditional EMBA curriculum design doesn’t meet this need, during the past 30 years USC Marshall has crafted and refined an innovative EMBA curriculum that propels business leaders to new levels of achievement, fostering their integrated, strategic thinking and leadership.
In the GEMBA program, you benefit from having two USC EMBA faculty leading every module. Unlike in traditional programs, our faculty integrate their functional expertise into overall themes that are precisely aligned with the realities of the 21st century globalized business environment. GEMBA’s 10 integrated themes illuminate the challenges and opportunities you face daily in your leadership role.
In GEMBA, you engage with all the content of a traditional EMBA program — but your GEMBA experience is extraordinarily enhanced by the way you engage — thematic, integrated, strategic. You engage at the leadership level and graduate with an uncommonly powerful understanding of how business really works — of how you can successfully lead on the global stage.

The GEMBA XIII Calendar (2016-2018)

The Theme-based, Integrated Curriculum