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Linda Zhu


GEMBA Class of 2011

VP of Corporate Development, SITRI Group

Before I joined GEMBA, I had already built a solid career base in finance, including a role as Greater China Finance Manager of a Fortune 500 company. Later I served as global VP, finance and legal, for a US-based pre-IPO company. But I still felt that I needed something more. So I joined GEMBA to enrich my knowledge, experience and perspective.


GEMBA continually amazed me. The experienced and warm-hearted faculty helped us develop many new ways of thinking. Never dogmatic, they were very practical and supportive, not only in class but also afterwards. I will always remember the great advice and support I received from, among others, Profs. Campbell, Chen, Crookston, Patton and Weiss. Two years after graduation, I still gain value from their perspectives and support. And my GEMBA family members are a lifelong treasure. We shared almost a childlike joy in learning and cooperated selflessly.


Working with these faculty and fellow students, I finally gained a clear picture of what I’d felt was missing, what I really wanted and how to get there: to start my own business. After graduation, I founded B&L Advisory. Although we target a niche market with severe demands, my years of corporate experience, plus the GEMBA perspective, are a solid platform for success. Actually, many of my GEMBA friends — faculty and fellow students — volunteered their support at our startup phase, far beyond my imagination. I credit GEMBA for transforming my life. Join us and let’s help each other. We are all Trojans together!

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