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Jay Uhm


GEMBA Class of 2013

CEO, TPC Mechatronics, Inc.

In 2000, I succeeded to the leadership of a company founded by my father in Korea in 1973, which had grown to multinational stature. When I was considering an EMBA program, I sought one that would help me take my business to the next level of achievement. I sought a program that would give me truly global, C-suite insights on the business world of the 21st century, so that I could produce more value for all our stakeholders: our employees, our customers and suppliers, and our owners — those who have committed themselves to our company and my leadership by buying and holding our stock.


The GEMBA program has given me a systematic, comprehensive framework of business understanding for solving the most important management challenges I face as the leader of a multinational enterprise. And the benefit to our business has sometimes been immediate — Prof. Dan O’Leary’s information systems project encouraged me to launch a companywide business intelligence project, Prof. Bhambri’s strategy sessions prompted me to overhaul our overall company strategy, and Prof. Porter’s statistics module led me to strengthening our SPC quality analysis. Each of these changes alone have created solid ROI for my investment of time and tuition in GEMBA. Taken together, the value of the improvements in our company that are attributable to my GEMBA experience have vastly exceeded my investment.


In addition to the in-class learning value, I’ve also developed a network of peers, themselves business leaders, especially in China. I strongly recommend GEMBA for senior executives who aspire to change their companies, create meaningful competitive advantages and become better leaders. For a CEO like me, the GEMBA benefit is truly tremendous.

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