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Voices of GEMBA
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Elton Pan


GEMBA Class of 2013

General Manager, Greater China, X-Rite Asia Pacific Ltd.,

GEMBA has given me the fundamental hard skills of finance, accounting and statistics, so my qualitative and quantitative analyses are well grounded. But the program has also helped me develop my strategic thinking skills and ability to see the bigger picture. Further, I’m better able to communicate well-structured ideas at the C-suite level, I am a more effective integrator and facilitator across regional and functional boundaries, and I can dynamically bridge the gap between global thinking and local implementation. I’ve also extended my network throughout many countries and gained insights from classmates with a wide diversity of industry backgrounds. In short, I’ve gained credibility, transformation and a powerful global network. I like to say that GEMBA has given me Gratifying, Exceptional, Memorable and Brilliant Add-ons to my life and career!

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