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Exceptional Diversity and Experience
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The QUALITY and REACH of the GEMBA community are primary contributors to the ROI you gain from your experience in the program and after you graduate.

GEMBA attracts the best of the region's rising executives. They come from Asia, the Americas, and Europe. About 2/3 work in the greater Shanghai area, while others fly in from throughout Asia and the United States to attend the Shanghai sessions. Each GEMBA class has participants hailing from a dozen or so countries.
GEMBA constantly exposes you to new kinds of people, fresh ways of thinking, unfamiliar locales and surprising opportunities. The relationships you build will not only boost your career, they’ll forever enrich your life.
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GEMBA Family Profile

GEMBA’s executive-friendly schedule permits business leaders based outside of Shanghai to join. About 1/3 of our class lives outside the Shanghai area.

Average age of the class:38

Average years of work experience: 16

Typically hailing from a dozen countries and regions

Wide diversity in business backgrounds and sectors, from entrepreneurs to executives in multinationals.